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Here are a few small examples of what you will


experience on our mine tour, in our museum,


and of course in our gift shop.







Walking the "mule-way"  is just one of many experiences you will enjoy during a guided tour of the No. 9 Mine.





Our experienced mine tour guides, will walk you past the "cages" of our mine elevator,

and explain the inner workings of how both men and coal were transported to

the various mine levels.




Our museum displays this detailed example of a Processing Plant (Breaker). Processing plants were another major employer in the "coal towns" during the peak years of the mining industry.





Tenders would guide the Mules that

were used in the mines.  In the days

before electric motors were available,

the mules did the pulling of the coal

cars and mine equipment. 




Each home in the coal towns was similar.  Here is an example of a typical Coal

Miner's kitchen that you would have 

seen back in the old days.





Our museum is filled with examples

of the various tools and equipment used

by the Miner.  Many are out in the open,

while others are proudly displayed in

cases such as this one.





Our museum is located inside the original "Wash Shanty" of the No. 9 Mine.  You will

see how the miners stored their clothes on hooks while they worked in the mine.  After washing up at the end of their shift, these hooks would be lowered from the ceiling for the miners to change and return back home.





We have a wonderful assortment of gift items to meet most any taste or budget!  Don't forget the "Coal Candy" for both the big .... and the little .... kids in your group




Here is a view of the mine hospital

as we found it when we re-opened

the mine!! Renovations are in

progress, and remain ongoing!





Here is a view of the mine hospital back in its glory days. Larger mines were required to have a hospital room to care for any injured workers. The No.9 mine hospital room is the ONLY one viewable on public tours!





The Cipko Brothers proudly supported the No. 9 Mine & Museum since it's inception ........ we are grateful for their generosity.




Come! Join Us!  For an experience you will never forget!


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