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The No. 9 Mine & Museum Lansford, Pa. (570) 645-7074 Copy

The re-opening of the No. 9 Mine & Museum had been a dream of many community members over the years. Eventually, enough interested parties formed a non profit corporation, to proceed toward that goal. Our registered corporate name is the "Panther Creek Valley Foundation." Presented here is a list of our officers, and some information on how our organization is bringing that dream to reality. Also, check out our History link for even more information and pictures about mining in the valley area.

The officers of the Panther Creek Valley Foundation are listed below:

David Kuchta / President
Dave Zebian / Vice President
Louise Solomon / Treasurer
Maggie Julo / Recording Secretary

We also have one correspondence secretary and six directors.

Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month, inside the No.9 Mine Museum.



Five of the mine volunteers that worked in the No. 9 Mine to refurbish and bring it up to state specs for tourism. From left to right: John Fauzio, mine superintendent, Greg Yurchak, Mine Foreman, Dave Kuchta, Jack Julo and Dave Zebian. Dan Farber was absent at the time this picture was taken.
Kuchta and Julo are holding the first large piece of coal that was brought out of the No. 9 mine since it was last worked in 1972. This coal was a part of the second exit or escape way that was needed to comply to State and Federal laws.

Reproduced with the permission of Dave Kuchta, author and publisher of: "Once A Man, Twice A Boy"

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