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Join us for an unforgettable experience as we travel underground to explore the world’s oldest continuously operated anthracite coal mine!

(1855 – 1972)




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A trainload of visitors prepares to enter the mine!



Opened in 1855, No. 9 Coal Mine, located in Lansford, Pennsylvania is the

world's oldest continuously operated anthracite coal mine! Closed in 1972, the mine was re-opened as a heritage tourism attraction in 2002. Today visitors

ride safely by train 1600 feet into the mountainside, to see and experience first hand what it was like for our fathers and grandfathers to work underground

over the past 200 years.





Once inside the mine, experienced tour guides will lead you on a walking tour filled with amazing sights and fascinating stories! See the underground mule-way; miner’s hospital, and the 900 – foot deep original elevator shaft, which once hauled loaded coal cars to the surface! A visit inside No. 9 Mine is an experience that you will

never forget!





Open year round, the No. 9 Mining Museum is filled with original equipment and artifacts covering nearly two centuries of mining history in the Panther Valley!




The Mining Museum is located in the original miner’s “Wash Shanty” building.



Clothes in wire baskets hang on the chains from the ceiling of the old “wash shanty” just as they did when up to 450 miners worked inside the No. 9 Mine. The tools they used are there too … drills, picks, shovels, axes, saws, blasting equipment and even their lunch cans, caps, and lamps!



Exhibits include a life sized replica of a mule tender boy and his mine mule, a large photographic collection, handmade models, beautifully handcrafted items carved of coal, original paintings, railroad artifacts, fossils and gems, a model of a coal colliery (made for the New York Worlds Fair), maps, signs, and a mucking machine, coal fired furnace, a replica of an 1800’s miner’s kitchen, and much more!





Be sure to visit our unique gift shop which features beautifully carved coal souvenirs, custom tee shirts and hats, a variety of books, miner’s hats and more!



No. 9 Mine and Museum is located at the foot of the Pocono Mountains, just off U.S. Route 209 in Lansford, Pennsylvania. Located halfway between the historic towns of Jim Thorpe and Tamaqua. Individuals and groups are welcome! Plenty of free parking and picnic facilities!



Come! Join Us! For an experience you will never forget!


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