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Photo Album


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Here are a few small examples of what awaits you in our mine museum.

Processing Plant / Breaker

Just one example of the detailed Processing Plant (Breaker) replicas in our museum. Each one was hand crafted by Dave Salla of Lansford. Many thanks Dave!!


A view of our full size mine mule guided along by his tender. Mules had been used in the mines to pull the coal cars in the days before electric motors were available.


Our typical Coal Miner's kitchen.


Here is a view of the mine hospital as we found it when we re-opened the mine!! Renovations are in progress, and remain ongoing!


Some of the tools and equipment used by the Miner.


Here is a view of the mine hospital back in its glory days. Larger mines were required to have a hospital room to care for any injured workers. The No.9 mine hospital room is the ONLY one viewable on public tours!

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